Sunday, 2 July 2017

Small(ish) Tk Maxx Haul

 Naturally, i went into TK Maxx, just to make a quick browse at the makeup selection to see if there is anything good in (which in my local one there is not normally anything good) and I ended up coming out with quite a few items which I didn't really need oops!

I brought two sets eyelashes which were more of an impulse buy, as I ended up losing my Ardell lashes around four days after buying them ad only wearing them twice which is consequently why I bought this eyelash box to stop that from happening again because lashes are expensive when you keep on losing them!  
I picked up some Carla Natural glamour (31751)  thinking originally that they were Ardell because of the packaging for £2.99 and I also the makeup forever lash show (N-106) for £3.99 and they were £15 which are not a bad deal. I tried these as soon as I got home and I absolutely love them!

Me being currently obsessed with tanning I couldn't pass this amazing deal of the St.Tropez fake tanner for £9.99 (RRP £33) I normally use the St.morets fake tan as its only £5 ish from Amazon and it works for me. I just couldn't pass on this as I have always been wanting to try it out. Last I brought these Korean sheet masks which I haven't tried out yet but they seem to be such a  great deal with getting 10 masks for £4.99!


  1. Great picks! I have to give some of these a go!

    Have a lovely day!

    xx Kris

    1. they really are some great products! and thank you, darling, you too!

      Abbey x

  2. Replies
    1. they are really are! I tried one out yesterday and they are super moisturising!

      Abbey x


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