Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Most Reached For | Eyeshadows Palettes

Eyeshadows will have to be one of my most reached for makeup products, I just love experimenting with them. I find it more fun than any other product as you can create a large variety of looks with them as there is a wide selection of colours and finishes. So these are my most reached for eyeshadow pallets.

Everyones favourite the Anastasia modern renaissance, theses a reason why the palette was so hyped up with it being the palette to set of the warm orange craze it is much loved in my collection with a number of wonderful looks I can create with this as all of the colours blend together wonderfully.

As I mentioned earlier I like to experiment with my makeup creating different looks with it. There is nothing better than a pallet with all fun colours in together and the Nyx vivid brights is a great alternative than buying the urban decay full spectrum palette, the some of the shades do take a bit of working to make them bright but this isn't problem for me as what the price point was for all of these different colours.

Neutral shadows have not really been a thing I have been reaching for recently as I am loving a bolder experimental look. So for the tartelette in bloom palette to be on my most reached may seem out of place, but this is a gorgeous pallet certainly deserves a place on this list whenever I am wanting a more natural look I always without a doubt I reach for this palette.

What are your most reached for eyeshadow palettes?

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