Sunday, 9 July 2017

june favouites 2017

I'm not too sure how we are already halfway through the year, June literally passed by in a flash. it wasn't my most productive month fair to say and I hope to improve on it this month as so far for my blog I have purchased a custom domain (yay) and I finally have a theme that I love thanks to Etsy! If any of you guys are looking for another blog theme there are some amazing themes for sale for under £10 and it can be instantly downloaded for your use immediately which is good but I did have a bit of trouble setting my theme up but I figured it out eventually, what do you think of my new theme? I personally really like it!

Anyway on to the makeup... This month I have been doing a lot of spending so all but one of the items are new and the other item is just something I have been picking up almost every day so as the weather is better i have really been embracing the dewy skin finish and also as I have dry skin so it works a lot better for me that a matte finish which is why I have been loving the back to baby glow beam primer it gives you an amazing dewy look which doesn't make you look like you have been sweating buckets loads. The priming capabilities are not outstanding but they do work as well as your average drugstore primer.

I did not expect to love a drugstore product over a high-end one but I have fallen in love with this Milani Make it last setting spray I reach for it loads more than my urban decay all nighter and I think it works better as well plus the scent is a lot nicer, I really want to to a post on comparing them together!

I'm not normally one for anything other than lip balm on my lips as I always find it a pain to really liquid lipstick throughout the day especially after either drinking or eating but I have changed my mind, I love the colour of the NYX liquid lipstick in 'babydoll' as I fake tan right now the light pink goes lovely with it to complete my makeup looks.

This product got hyped up for a reason, when my friend brought me this for my birthday it stayed at the back of my draw as I already had my holy grail highlighter which was Marylou by the balm and I didn't think anything could beat it but the solstice highlighter pallet from sleek is amazing! the quality you get in this for a drugstore product is unbeatable, if you want an intense highlighter from the drugstore this is one to check out!

What are your favourite products from last month?


  1. I really want to try that Milani Setting Spray, I have heard great things!xx
    Grace Kate

    1. it certainly is great, it's honestly worth checking out! x


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