Tuesday, 4 July 2017

If you do buy one thing this month...

If you do end up buying one thing this month I really do recommend this primer it's perfect for summer as it gives off the most gorgeous dewy look which makes you look so healthy and radiant when the sun shines on you. 
The one downside of it is that the primer is that how it ends up prolonging your makeup is not too outstanding, yes it is better than some other products and it does help keep your makeup on for a prolonged time, but it's just not as good as some other ones available on the market and it also smells very strongly of baby powder which is a sent I did have to get used to at first but now it is okay, I would prefer it without that scent but it's a part of the whole gimmick.
Those are the flaws that I have noticed with it, I still really think it is worth it buying it for what it makes my skin look like. As it gives my skin an ever so gorgeous natural glow which I'm really excited for using this summer as what I've used of it so far I have been really impressed with and I have totally fallen in love with this product!

have you ever tried this product?

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