Tuesday, 11 July 2017

If I Could Only Wear One Lip Colour

Liquid lipsticks have only been a thing that I have found myself been getting into recently, I found them too much of a hassle before as the constant need of re-applying them after you eat or drink and how they always went funny after applying the top up layer to replace patch that went missing after a drink...I just didn't find it worth it. But I have been obsessed with fake tanning recently and I have been seeing girls on instagram, who fake tan use a more lighter shade of pink on their lips and it looks lovely on them so, I decided to try it out and I'm in love with it.

I have tried out a couple of the NYX liquid lipsticks but I could never find one I liked. So, I ended up giving them to friends (and I think I have one somewhere in my bedroom that went missing a year ago...oops) 

I previously found the formulation slightly odd however, I think that was because I was applying too much, as now I don't dislike it. Nevertheless, it still bothers me if I put on another layer other the top still. the lipstick stays on really well after you had let it dry completely depending on how far the colour is from your natural shade will determine how often you will need to reapply it. I am extremely impressed with how long lasting it is it can last me several hours without needing to apply again. 

The NYX liquid lipstick in babydoll is a shade I am going to keep on reaching for this summer, it's a gorgeous shade which goes lovely with my skin colour right now.

What would your only lipstick be if you could only choose one?


  1. This shade look stunning and perfect for everyday. I've heard about this range and they seem to have a nude for everyone! xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  2. I love this shade! I have the shade Bedtime Flirt and it's one of my favourites! Think I would wear Kylie 22 if I had to choose! xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    1. I've always wanted to try the Kylie lip kits, but I can't justify the shipping and import tax cost just for a liquid lipstick. x


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