Friday, 16 June 2017

Get the glow

I’ve always preferred a more glowing look than a matte one, this might be as my skin type does not work well with matte products much of the time. And I love the healthy radiance that comes from having more glowing skin, especially as it’s getting into the summer months, it doesn't really feel like it here in England; due to the amounts of rain we have been having recently but we do get the odd sunny and warm day. 

The Becca backlight primer, this is a new holy grail for me, I have no idea what I did without it when I am wearing a more sheer foundation this is gorgeous as it gives me that extra glow which illuminates m from underneath my foundation. 

Again, another Becca product, The under eye brightening corrector. This is brilliant as it does not dry matte and it has a nice and dewy effect which makes incredible to put under the eyes as it does help to slightly brighten my under eyes 

The collection lasting perfection in lemon, It's a colour corrector but it is the perfect for highlighting my under eyes. 
The yellow undertone is simply perfect for my skin tone and it is honestly so hard to find yellow undertoned concealers in the drugstore for some reason!

I'm currently loving the makeup revolution strobe highlighter in gold addict  for summer, when the light reflects off this highlighter it gives the most gorgeous sunkissed glow, I have noticed that the highlight can fade quite quickly throughout the day but I am fairly new with this product and it might just need some setting spray on the brush to help it pick up more pigment and last longer. 
what are your favouite makeup products for a glowy look?


  1. I love the look of the make up revolution highlighter!! I use seventeen gold shimmer brick which I love but I would def try this x

    S x

    1. If you're ever in Superdrug it's worth picking it up, especially with the low price!

      Abbey x


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