Monday, 15 May 2017

The dark circles remedy: 3 ways to eliminate dark under eyes

I feel like my dark circles have been permanently tattooed on myself after years of sleep deprivation, so I have always been trying new ways to cover them up and I sort of consider myself sort of an expert now on the art of covering up the dreaded dark circles!

The It cosmetics bye bye under eye is an amazing full coverage concealer, with this product a little goes a long way. I use this product before my foundation, with the flat side of the brush (which came with it when I bought it from QVC) to help pat down the concealer making sure it covers the areas where my dark circles are. 

Colour correcting was one of the first methods I tried for covering up my dark circles. I don't find this method the best as these are not full coverage concealers they don't cover enough of my dark circles for me on my more extreme days, but on days where my dark circles are not too prominent, I love using this method. The purple cancels out yellow and it also helps to brighten the undereye and the green helps to cancel out redness. I pair these two together to get my colour correcting duo.

The Becca under eye brightening corrector is seriously magic, this product is so easy and simple to use and you get amazing results it does exactly as it says, It helps to colour correct my under eyes and it also brightens them before I apply my concealer on top. The product is amazing as its quite sticky as it does not dry up under the under eyes and crease which for someone with dry skin it is fabulous!  

What are your favourite ways of eliminating dark under eyes?

 Abbey x 

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