Saturday, 6 May 2017

Current Skincare Favouites / May 17'

Skincare has only been something I have properly been getting into this year. I'm by no means a skincare junky...well yet and my bank account is very grateful for that. But I have been starting experimenting with what type of products works with my skin and a product that has been working amazingly is the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud face mask the price tag of this product is quite high and I do hope that there is a possible dupe for this an amazing product it hydrated my skin amazingly even though the results are tempory but you are supposed to apply it again after a couple of days but I tend not as the product is quite expensive and it would run out quite quickly if I did, but however I always use it if I know I am going to be wearing a lot of foundation and I want a more hydration in my skin I will always reach for this on my shelf.

My Decleor Micellar Oil was kindly given to me from my mum; who uses it herself and loves it! I stayed away from cleansers for the longest time as I was afraid that it would do no good for my dry skin I do not use it everyday only on days when I a wearing more heavier makeup as this product helps  remove all of the makeup that I could not remove with my makeup wipes and it seriously is amazing!

Okay so unless you're familiar with this product (Caviar Illumination Night Cream) you would not be able to guess where it is from because even from the photograph it looks expensive so you will be shocked to know it's from...and yes Aldi surprisingly and this product is very good and as well for the price it is personly is unbeatable for me.

The T-zone spot zapping gel this I s just something I have been using recently as I've unfortunately have been having quite a few spots pop up and I've just been applying this once a day and it has been a total lifesaver for something which I just picked up at home bargains!

what have been your current skincare favourites?  

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