Sunday, 26 February 2017

NEW products i tried this febuary

February has definitely been a good makeup month, I finally decided to take a splurge and buy some of the makeup I have been lusting over for a couple of months now! I also decided to go cruelty-free with my makeup, which I will later write a blog post on explaining why I decided to make this change and no longer purchase from companies that carry out animal testing.

ABH modern renaissance pallet |£42.00|
This is the perfect selection of shades for me; as I really wanted to try out the infamous morphine 350 pallet which has been raved about all over social media and the fact I don’t have any orange eyeshadows in my collection. The pink shades were the reason I didn’t order this when it first came out because honestly as much as I adore my naked 3 pinks I didn’t really think a bold pink was ideally the look for me, after watching some videos on YouTube seeing how the pallet looks like on someone and discovering that the pinks don't look like a dreadful bright pink blush added to the eyelids. I soon fell in love with all of these gorgeous shades and finally purchase the palette.

ABH #12 Brow Brush |£15|
This is such an amazing brush, before I was using my real techniques accent brush as I found their angled brush too thick to use with my ABH dip brow pomade but it still didn’t give the look that I desired, I found that the #14 was what most people recommended to use with the dip brow pomade but it seems to be out of stock everywhere in the UK and I think it may have been discontinued so I then decided to go for the #12 as it was the closest thing to it and I’m so glad I did. It’s amazing for shaping your brows, it gives me a really nice clean look.

NYX Studio Perfect Primer |£12|
I have been fancying picking up the smash box green photo finish primer, but I just wasn’t ready to spend £26 on a primer that might not even work for my skin type so instead I picked up the well-known dupe, the NYX Studio Perfect primer in green. Being honest this primer is defiantly average, it’s a good drugstore primer but it doesn’t colour correct redness as well as I hoped it would, it does correct my more mild redness but however not the areas that I really want covering, I still have to apply my green concealer to certain areas where the coverage is lacking but this is expected as it’s only a primer so it’s not as full coverage as a concealer. If you have more mild redness this would defiantly recommend this but if your redness is more severe it wouldn’t help with correcting it.

 NYX Slide On Pencil |£6.50|
I was meaning to pick up the eyeliner in jet black but as the store was closing in 5 minutes so I quickly picked up the item and paid for everything, when I got home and swatched it I soon realised that this was not jet black but gun metal, the best way I can describe this colour Is that it looks exactly like you have decided to use a pencil for eyeliner (it even has that pencil like sheen to it!) Other than that it’s a good product, I brought it to line my eyelids with to make my eyelashes look fuller with my mascara. I still need to practise with this product more as I haven’t used a pencil liner in absolute ages!
NYX Studio Finishing Powder |£12|
I brought this as more of an experiment product as I wanted to have a go at baking but I didn’t want to buy a more expensive product such as the laura mercier loose powder as I didn’t know if I would like the look of baking. I applied it with a damp real techniques beauty blender under my under eyes which had the LA girl pro conceal on and it just accentuated my dryness so severely it’s just not something I could use, especially in the colder season. But however, if you have oily skin or combination this would be a great product as it really does help with mattifying the skin.

Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub |£5.75 |
I absolutely adore the lush lip scrubs and my lovely sister brought me this as part of my birthday present (thank you Lauren!)  If you are familiar with lush it is known that they tend to do release a collection for most holidays, this was from the valentine’s collection, the taste is identical to love heart sweets which are perfect for valentine's day.

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