Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of your Makeup collection

making the best out of your makeup collection is hard especially if it is overflowing like mine is, trying to use up products that never seem to go away no matter how hard you try and those full bottles of foundation that never quite go down. This is how I make sure to get the best out of my makeup collection.

Do not go on manic like spending sprees.
As tempting it is to raid boots to get 400 points for spending over £20 the makeup that you buy is probably not going to be used as it's not something you want as you just bought it for the sake of buying something and it will sit in the back of your collection only being used once or twice.

Rotate what you use.
Rotating your makeup around will ensure that all of it gets used, have a mental planner of what foundation you're going to use one week and use another on the next week. doing this will allow for all of the foundations to be used in a weekly cycle.

if you don't like it through it.
there is no point in keeping old makeup or even new products that you know that you are never going to use even though this isn't making the most out of your makeup it will help you have less clutter by throwing it away and making it easier to reach other makeup in your collection.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Perfect Fake Tanner + My Tanning Routine

With my holiday coming up in around a week yay! I have been trying to get on top of my tanning routine as I am extremely pale right now because here in England we are not lucky enough to have gorgeous sunny weather, as I am writing this right now there are dark grey clouds covering the entirety of the sky. So it's fair to say that I don't get much of a tan back home so when I travel abroad I like to a have a bronzed glow. Personally, for me, I think I look nicer with a tan and I feel more confident with my body and the clothes that I wear so that's my preference for why I like to be tan. 

Tanning routine 

first off, before I tan I always shave my legs as if you do this with your tan on you will be removing the layer of skin with your tan on there for removing your tan. Depending on how much time I have I like to moisturise my skin before I tan or if I don't have time to do that I like to just put moisturiser on my elbows and knees as it created a barrier for the tan and stops it from developing too dark, I'm not sure exactly why it develops darker in those areas but it does for some reason. Since I use a mouse Tanner (st.tropez in dark) I always make sure to apply my tan with a tanning mit to guarantee that my tan does not go streaky and that it is spread out nice and evenly. I let my tan develop over night and follow to wash it off the next morning, I normally top my tan up once a week or if I'm in a rush I use the st.tropez tan booster which dose exactly as the name says as it boosts your tan.

for me, this is such a lovely fake tanning product and I have already re purchased a backup! Have you ever tried this product?

Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Most Reached For | Eyeshadows Palettes

Eyeshadows will have to be one of my most reached for makeup products, I just love experimenting with them. I find it more fun than any other product as you can create a large variety of looks with them as there is a wide selection of colours and finishes. So these are my most reached for eyeshadow pallets.

Everyones favourite the Anastasia modern renaissance, theses a reason why the palette was so hyped up with it being the palette to set of the warm orange craze it is much loved in my collection with a number of wonderful looks I can create with this as all of the colours blend together wonderfully.

As I mentioned earlier I like to experiment with my makeup creating different looks with it. There is nothing better than a pallet with all fun colours in together and the Nyx vivid brights is a great alternative than buying the urban decay full spectrum palette, the some of the shades do take a bit of working to make them bright but this isn't problem for me as what the price point was for all of these different colours.

Neutral shadows have not really been a thing I have been reaching for recently as I am loving a bolder experimental look. So for the tartelette in bloom palette to be on my most reached may seem out of place, but this is a gorgeous pallet certainly deserves a place on this list whenever I am wanting a more natural look I always without a doubt I reach for this palette.

What are your most reached for eyeshadow palettes?

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Best Budget makeup for glowing skin

Glowing skin is something that I am very passionate about, as a girl with dry skin and as I am on a budget right now finding items in the drugstore to suit my needs is a must for me. Also finding something that is nice and natural looking is harder than I have anticipated but I rounded up my favourite products for an all over dewy look.

I use The Ordinary Rose Hip oil on my face every day and night before I apply the rest of my creams as it helps to give me added hydration as its an oil it soaks right into my skin which after a couple of days of trying this is already making my skin look more hydrated.

The Milani Luminoso is the most gorgeous peach toned blush ever it has a slight sheen to it which helps to make you look healthy and radiant the pigmentation of colour is not too overpowering which is good as the colour looks natural on the cheeks but I would still use a light hand as it can pick up a lot of colour very quickly.

I find that if I just want to make my concealer or foundation dewier, I add the NYX Pro Foundation mix in the shade Luminous. I squeeze a small amount next to my concealer and blend it in with a foundation brush.

what are your top picks?

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Summer Handbag Essentials

The weather in England has been very up and down recently one week it will be lovely and warm and then in the other week it will be cold and rainy but I think the weather is warming up now (well due to what my weather app says so let hope its true) so I will need to bring out all of my favourite summer products which help to keep me from looking like a hot mess in the warm weather.

This post is going to very spray heavy I am going to warn you now. However, I find them to really help with how long my makeup lasts additionally they are nice and refreshing. If you watch youtube you will be familiar with the Mario rose water it is amazing for giving my skin a touch of hydration throughout the day, it's perfect and never leaves my bag! Among the same lines as sprays for warm days, I find it so important to use setting sprays as it adds an extra layer of security for my makeup and on warm days I need this a lot when the weather is warm so I use my Milani make it last. Looking healthy and radiant is my beloved makeup go to look right now and the Milani baked blush in Luminoso does that for me it has a subtle shimmer which looks gorgeous on the cheeks.

what are your handbag essentials?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

If I Could Only Wear One Lip Colour

Liquid lipsticks have only been a thing that I have found myself been getting into recently, I found them too much of a hassle before as the constant need of re-applying them after you eat or drink and how they always went funny after applying the top up layer to replace patch that went missing after a drink...I just didn't find it worth it. But I have been obsessed with fake tanning recently and I have been seeing girls on instagram, who fake tan use a more lighter shade of pink on their lips and it looks lovely on them so, I decided to try it out and I'm in love with it.

I have tried out a couple of the NYX liquid lipsticks but I could never find one I liked. So, I ended up giving them to friends (and I think I have one somewhere in my bedroom that went missing a year ago...oops) 

I previously found the formulation slightly odd however, I think that was because I was applying too much, as now I don't dislike it. Nevertheless, it still bothers me if I put on another layer other the top still. the lipstick stays on really well after you had let it dry completely depending on how far the colour is from your natural shade will determine how often you will need to reapply it. I am extremely impressed with how long lasting it is it can last me several hours without needing to apply again. 

The NYX liquid lipstick in babydoll is a shade I am going to keep on reaching for this summer, it's a gorgeous shade which goes lovely with my skin colour right now.

What would your only lipstick be if you could only choose one?

Sunday, 9 July 2017

june favouites 2017

I'm not too sure how we are already halfway through the year, June literally passed by in a flash. it wasn't my most productive month fair to say and I hope to improve on it this month as so far for my blog I have purchased a custom domain (yay) and I finally have a theme that I love thanks to Etsy! If any of you guys are looking for another blog theme there are some amazing themes for sale for under £10 and it can be instantly downloaded for your use immediately which is good but I did have a bit of trouble setting my theme up but I figured it out eventually, what do you think of my new theme? I personally really like it!

Anyway on to the makeup... This month I have been doing a lot of spending so all but one of the items are new and the other item is just something I have been picking up almost every day so as the weather is better i have really been embracing the dewy skin finish and also as I have dry skin so it works a lot better for me that a matte finish which is why I have been loving the back to baby glow beam primer it gives you an amazing dewy look which doesn't make you look like you have been sweating buckets loads. The priming capabilities are not outstanding but they do work as well as your average drugstore primer.

I did not expect to love a drugstore product over a high-end one but I have fallen in love with this Milani Make it last setting spray I reach for it loads more than my urban decay all nighter and I think it works better as well plus the scent is a lot nicer, I really want to to a post on comparing them together!

I'm not normally one for anything other than lip balm on my lips as I always find it a pain to really liquid lipstick throughout the day especially after either drinking or eating but I have changed my mind, I love the colour of the NYX liquid lipstick in 'babydoll' as I fake tan right now the light pink goes lovely with it to complete my makeup looks.

This product got hyped up for a reason, when my friend brought me this for my birthday it stayed at the back of my draw as I already had my holy grail highlighter which was Marylou by the balm and I didn't think anything could beat it but the solstice highlighter pallet from sleek is amazing! the quality you get in this for a drugstore product is unbeatable, if you want an intense highlighter from the drugstore this is one to check out!

What are your favourite products from last month?

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